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Chambers of Commerce Updates


Filipino-Chinese Businessmen Vow to press ahead with pro-poor social projects

21 MAY 2007

The Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII), the country's biggest organization of businessmen of Chinese heritage, vowed today to pursue its multi-faceted pro-poor social welfare projects in support of government programs.

John Tan, newly-elected FFCCCII president, said that in the "next two years, we will continue with our social welfare projects, including our scholarship programs, medical missions and disaster relief operations."

Tan, who succeeds Francis Chua as FFCCCII head, affirmed his organization's commitment during the oath-taking ceremony of the group's new national officers - all 143 of them - before President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo this morning in Malacañang.

The new officers were elected during the federation's 26th biennial convention held in Manila last March 30.

Tan told the President that FFCCCII would "give our continued support to you and your vision for the Philippines, the vision for a modern country founded on social justice and enjoying economic prosperity."

Aside from John Tan, the other FFCCCII officers who took their oath before the President were Lucio Tan as FFCCCII's chairman emeritus; and outgoing FFCCCII president Francis Chua, honorary president.

Also elected as honorary presidents during the March 30 FFCCCII convention were Domingo Lee, Yao Eng Hue, Jimmy Tang, Vicente Yu, Sr., John Ng, and Robin Sy with Tan Tian Siong as executive vice president.

Alfonso Uy, Alfonso Siy, Henry Lim Bon Liong, Tan Ching, Angel Ngu, and Domingo Yap were elected federation vice presidents, while Lorenzo Cabilangan and William Gosiaco were elected treasurer and auditor, respectively.

In his speech, Tan thanked the President for her graciousness in allowing members of the business organization to take their oath "at the very seat of government."

During the occasion, Tan turned over to the President a check worth P1.25-million for the purchase and construction of an additional 50 Tindahan Natin convenience stores to be set up in various parts of the country.

The new donation to the Tindahan program brings to 175 the number of stores donated by the organization to the Arroyo administration since last year at a total cost of P3.125 million.

The Tindahan Natin chain of convenience stores is a project of the government being implemented by the National Food Authority (NFA) and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to provide easy access by residents of depressed areas to low-cost basic commodities including coffee, rice, sugar, instant noodles and bread. Aside from the P1.25-million check, the FFCCCII also presented to the President a scale model of the 430 new school buildings, or a total of 860 classrooms, that the organization will donate to the government over the next two years.
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
 Officers of the Federation of Filipino Chinese
Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. 
John Tan, newly  elected FFCCCII Presdient  Dr. Lucio Tan Chairman Emeritus  Amb. Francis Chua immediate past FFCCCII President  
Amb. Domingo Lee
Honorary President 
Yao Eng Hue 
Honorary President 
Jimmy Tang 
Honorary President 
Vicente Yu Sr.  Amb. John Ng Robin Sy
Lorenzo Cabilangan 
Tan Tian Siong
Exec. Vice President 
William Gosiaco
Alfonso Uy 
Vice President
Alfonso Siy
Vice President
Henry Lim Bon Liong
Vice President
Tan Ching 
Vice President
Angel Ngu
Vice President
Domingo Yap
Vice President

The school buildings are part of Operation: Barrio Schools Program launched by the federation way back in 1960. Under the program more than 3,800 schoolhouses have already been constructed all over the country.

Trade and Industry Secretary Peter Favila, who was also present during the Malacañang affair, urged the FFCCCII officers to "call" on the country's new leaders elected in the May 14 midterm election "to sit down and to focus on the economy."

"We have three years remaining in the present administration and we owe it to this generation and future generations to come that we need (to leave them with) a good legacy and a solid Philippine economy," Favila said.

"So regardless of party affiliation, it would help us if they (members of the FFCCCII and the business community) send a message across (to all political leaders) to end the divisiveness" generated by the May 14 balloting," he added.

"Magsama-sama na tayo para sa magandang kinabukasan ng ating bansa." (PE)

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