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Entertainment: Music

March 01, 1999

Marc Ballesteros' Paraiso

By JCruz
Radio TV Philippines Network

Flash floods, forest fires, oil spills are easily attibuted to as "natural disasters" ... or to an extreme as "acts of God". Unfortunate events like these are charged to nature taking its course. There are groups that say otherwise, that these are inflicted by man upon himself - who else denudes forests, divert water sources and make machines that fail?

Whatever the case maybe, the bottomline is that we need to be aware of our environment and nature. And that is what "Ating Paraiso" (Our Paradise) is about.

"Ating Paraiso", a musical compositioin by Marc Ballesteros and writer Elsa Ballesteros provides a powerful and fervent plea that awakens the heart and see what has befallen the earth and our environment due to indifferences fostered by lack of awareness, among many reasons.

It was said that Marc wrote "Ating Paraiso" after visiting the Philippines, his homeland. While strolling with relatives along city streets, he immediately felt saddened upon chancing some shanties where several unkempt children and dogs milling around.

Those with him were touched when Marc and Elsa purchased food from nearby vendors and gave them away. Marc was concerned with the children's living conditions but was told the job was too big to solve immediately for one person but not too big to start caring for.

It is with this inspiration too that co-producer Elsa Ballesteros, together with Marc Ballesteros and Arnold Buena, co-arranged the music and background vocals for the composition.

The lyrics of the song implores us to look around and see what we've done to the environment and help save it from decay. It calls our attention to the dying trees, polluted waters, and disappearing forests that affect not only man but other inhabitants of the planet.
marc ballesteros


Listening to the music is absorbing, and can be likened to a journey and survey of the dismal state of our environment. Hearing and understanding the song in itself motivates one to embark on something ... anything that can better the environment ... our paradise .. ang "Ating Paraiso". (Basta Pinoy News March, 1999)

For those who follow MARC BALLESTEROS' recordings, tune-in and listen to some of his works on

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