Michelle Bayle:
A Promising Hottie!

Hyping up someone as the next-this and the next-that seems to be the most popular trick unimaginative publicist rely on when packaging fresh talents who are eager to make our moms and yayas weep as headliners of the latest reincarnation of Flor de Luna.

It just seems automatic these days, calling someone who can effortlessly flood the studio in 10 second with tears flowing from her left eye the next Kristine, Claudine or Juday, that is.

Never mind if her right eye is unable to produce even a single drop during gut-wrenching scenes-an abnormality that historians say was common among countless witches tortured and burned during the Inquisition.

But maybe there's an upside to this PR tactic meant to initially create a buzz, a short-term move that'd later be sustained by a more deft plan to promote the newbie on her own merits.

Fortunately, Michelle Bayle, the promising 20-year-old hottie from the flourishing stable of certified next-best things known as the ABS-CBN Talent Center, is ripe for that kind of treatment.

Having lived in Toronto, Canada for five years, it was almost a no-brainer for showbiz scribes to tout this voluptuous niece of international ramp sensation Anna Bayle as the next Vanessa del Bianco. "Being billed as that wasn't really such a bad thing" says Michelle, the Star Teens Canada (an ABS-CBN international talent search) winner last year. "Vanessa and I are good friends, and I really admire her as an artist. But I want to be known on my own merits."

That, of course, would require persistence, a value not alien to Michelle who, prior to coming here, toiled for a year learning backing flips and frenetic dance steps as the first Filipina cheerleader of the Toronto Argonauts in the Canadian Football League.

Aside from the aforementioned cheerleading job, she has already done some modeling and guesting for the Filipino Sunday show there. It was also a modeling job that she got here, must be from her aunt's side of talent although she has no plans of joining any beauty contest.

"Ang gusto ko lang, e, maging singer, dancer, actress, model and host," Michelle laughed. "Ambisyosa ako, e. Pero gusto ko talaga maging singer and dancer. My first assignment here was when I guested in 'A.S.A.P.' and it was followed up in 'Keep On Dancing.' Ang first acting job ko naman was for 'Star Studio' episode with Piolo Pascual." Michelle, of course, considers her "Star Drama Presents"assignment as her most challenging.

"My God, our director Chito was considered a hero sa set. Being new, I have my anxieties na bigla ko na lang gustong umupo sa corner and asked myself kung tama ba 'yung ginawa ko but I think I did okay." As a kid, Michelle's parents knew she liked acting but they never knew she would be this serious. "Now that I'm here, they're all for me and wish me luck." Add her boyfriend in Canada, who's wishing her that her dream would now come true.

"What I do is never enough for me. Other artists tell me magiging artist ka lang talaga if you constantly devote time to improved yourself, if you feel deep inside to that you can do much better," she says. "I've been in the business for just a year, I know I can still do more to prove my worth. And I definitely don't mind being challenged," she added.(SNS)

's biggest star," says Lily Monteverde. "You can easily sense it. Malakas ang appeal niya sa mga lalaki at mga babae. Men see her as a very luscious and seductive young woman whose beauty is now in full bloom. Women see her as a very fashionable beauty who carries herself very, very well."

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