Now Comes
the Sexbomb Girls!

In the beginning; they were just the Sexbomb Dancers, named after the Tom Jones song "Sex Bomb."

But now, collectively they're called the Sexbomb Girls, and they come in two subgroups: the Sexbomb Singers, with six members who sing and dance, and the Sexbomb Dancers, with 10 members whose job is primarily to dance.


At noontime every day, from Monday to Saturday, all 16 of them come together to spice up the much-awaited "Laban o Bawi" portion of the TV show" Eat Bulaga!" with their swaying hips, short shorts, tank tops, boots, and high-pitched chanting in perfect unison of "Laban, Laban! Bawi, Bawi!"

The original group was formed in the year 2000. In three years' time, the Sexbomb Girls have not only promoted dance moves and dance albums but also recorded song albums, starred in a movie, and endorsed sundry products, from makeup to motor oil to laundry soap. These girls, ranging in age from 17 to early 20s, have won a strong mass following, judging from the SRO crowds at their appearances, the throngs of patient fans waiting outside the "Eat Bulaga!" studio, and the sellout albums, of which the first, Unang Putok, went platinum in a matter of months.

Recently, the Singers waxed 2nd Round, their third album under BMG Pilipinas Inc., released third week of May. The Dancers, for their part, recently went into a flurry of
activities to promote a second dance album, Sexbomb Sexiest Hits II, also from the same recording company.

If you add rehearsals and out-of-town shows, you will have to say that the word busy doesn't come close to describing their hectic schedule. Baby-faced Johlan Veluz, at 17 the youngest in the group, says, "Ngayon, lagi akong wala sa bahay." Diofanny "Jopay" Paguia, the best-known in this batch, adds: "Pagnasa bahay naman, kain at agaw-tulog ang nangyayari."

"Siguro in a month, one day or two days rest lang sila, " says Joy Cancio, the group's choreographer and manager. "Lalo na ang mga Singers. Yon, sobrang busy."

Husky of voice and graceful in movement, Joy Cancio is the creative mind behind the Sexbomb Girls' signature steps and gyrations, which are copied by preschoolers (!) too innocent to realize the suggestiveness of their movements.

Joy admits with a laugh that simply fooling around is the inspiration that leads to her improvisation: "On the spot, naiisip ko lang. Kapag walang magawa, nagloloko ako. Hindi ko alam, click pala ang kalokohan!"

Managing the Sexbomb Girls is Joy's first try at the business of talent management, and it is so far her most successful venture.

Where are the Sexbomb Girls headed and how far will they make it in show business?

"Nasa kanila 'yon," says Joy. "Kaya hindi ako natatapos na rmagbigay ng advice to them. Ako, naging instrumento lang ako na buuin sila. Siyempre, kahit i-manage mo sila, kung sila-sila mismo ang hindi marunong mag-alaga sa team na 'yon, anong mangyayari, di ba?"

Dancing is not a lifetime career and Joy knows that. After everything, Joy hopes for only simple things for her Sexbomb Girls: "Sana, kung mawala sila, nandoon sila sa itaas. Hindi sila rookakalimutan ng tao. Hindi sila 'yong nawalang bumagsak. Darating talaga ang panahon na magkakahiwa-hiwalay sila. Pero sana like us, the Vicor Dancers, magkakabarkada pa rin, magkukumpare kami. Sila din, sana gano'n. Parang pamilya." (MNS)


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