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Nicholson Must Go!
By Atty. Rodel Rodis

Chanting “Nicholson must go!” dozens of Filipino WW II veterans and supporters marched in front of the US Veterans Administration office at Fort Miley in this city on May 7 demanding that US Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson resign from his post immediately.
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Overcoming Failure and Defeat
By Dr. Cris Enriquez

The most humbling, ego-deflating and destructive experience one could ever have is to fail, to be defeated on anything, be it in sports, in love, on a project, in school or in life in general.  At that lowest ebb of life, the feeling is that of hopelessness and despair. Discouragement creeps up on you giving you that lugubrious feeling of doom and gloom.  n Read more
Top 10 Common Landlord Mistakes and Blunders
By Atty. Maria Aguila

There are Landlords making who have been making mistakes again and again. These mistakes usually, if not always, had costly and negative effects on their business of renting and causing undue stress and inconvenience to tenants.†   n Read more
Existing Home or New Construction? Which Makes the Most Sense Today?
By Atty. Charles Kovaleski

While existing home sales nationally were up slightly earlier this year, recent news from the Commerce Department indicates that sales of newly constructed U.S. housing slowed drastically in February 2007, falling 3.9 percent, or to the lowest level since June 2000.
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