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posted Oct 9, 2008

Moms Cook up Asian dishes Book

Lugay Pascual


The cookbook “Yes, Spice It Up with Mom’s Favorite Asian Dishes” is a collaborative eff ort between two retired psychiatrists who share a penchant for cooking and entertaining. For
Dr. Erlinda G. Pascual and Dr. Carolina Lugay-Lacson, the book project started as a request from their daughters to document the recipes they loved and dishes their friends enjoyed when they came over.

It is quite common in families that recipes are just handed down from one’s mother or grandmother without any measurements – an “over-the-shoulder” technique of teaching. Both authors learned through this method; revising recipes as they cooked for their families over the years, supplementing this with readings and what they learned in their travels.

Finally, after two years of spending some weeknights and weekends cooking familiar dishes again to review and document measurements, they have produced a cookbook with recipes that are easy to follow and adapted to today’s lifestyle, while maintaining the distinctive Asian flavor.

This cookbook differs from other Filipino cookbooks starting with the choice of recipes featured. It includes favorite Asian dishes and a separate section on Adobo, the national dish of the Philippines, featuring six of the most common ways of cooking adobo.

Cooking methods are simplified so that these are easy to follow.
Filipino recipe. Adobo recipe. 
Sample recipe of Filipino Pork Adobo from Spice It Up

Suggestions are included on presentation of the dishes. To the delight of readers, ingredients used are those that are readily available at local Asian and Filipino grocery stores. 

Erlinda G. Pascual,M.D. and Carolina Lugay-Lacson, M.D. were born in the Philippines and moved to U.S.A. and Canada to pursue their medical careers.

Erlinda hails from Pampanga, a region known for its wealth of good cooks; was introduced to cooking by her maternal grandmother.

Memories of the annual fiesta, when different cooks would come to prepare dishes, heightened her interest in cooking and made her more daring to experiment with different recipes.  As a career woman and a mother, her hectic schedule compelled her to plan meals ahead of time, making recipes that were easier to prepare and healthful.

The book is available from Amazon online and at other book outlets. (FILAM NEWS DIGEST)



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