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2008 August 1

Kirsten Regalado: The Beauty of it All

Kirsten Regalado

Rushing in and out of the model line-up and hurriedly changing clothes, walking down the runway amid oogles of spectators and buyers, and all at the same time keeping in mind not to trip over -- could really be hectic!

Kirsten Regalado likes to talk a lot about fashion, design, and culture.

As a model and designer, Ms. Regalado had been incorporating traditional Philippine fabrics and styles into a contemporary design with practical applications -- and has been quite successful at it. She runs her maison couture in Miami catering largely to American, Hispanic, and Filipino clientele.
Models, Beauty Pageants, Filipina

A lady with a penchant for elegance and culture, Ms. Regalado became intrigued by distant cultures and its beauty. “To realize my dream of traveling around the world and seeing its beauty, I worked as an international flight attendant,” she relates.

Her encounter with the world of fashion and glamour however were not brought about by her flight attendant’s wings -- rather -- by her feet.

It all began in Manila, Philippines more than 10 years ago.

“Mr. Perry and Baby Durante, owners and designers of Durante Perrie Shoes asked me to do print ads with them for the V-magazine and do a fashion show for the shoes,” recalled Ms. Regalado. “Baby Durante told me that I have nice pair of feet and I will be perfect to join Lindsay Custodio, Tricia Roman, Assunta de Rossi and Sherilyn Reyes!”

Ms. Regalado joined the industry and was introduced by her mentors to business tycoons in Manila, where she would later learn the intricacies of the businesss from trendsetters. “I worked with expert Filipino fashion designers in Metro Manila, for more than a decade. I wore the best gowns and shoes from fashion designers. I made long time friends with designers, photographers, make-up artists and models.”
Kirsten Regalado

With encouragement from the Durantes Ms. Regalado considered plans to make her own designs. Her passion would later gravitate towards making Filipino costumes, gowns and colorful Barong Tagalogs.

Presently, Mrs. Regalado’s Kirsten Designs is focused more on runway with their custom made wedding gowns, long formal gowns and beautiful Filipiniana gowns.

“At Kirsten Regalado gown resources, I customize formal gowns, shawls, and men’s barong. I love to do gowns whether it’s for a wedding or an evening gown. I believe that every individual has a unique size and shape, and I create clothes that flatter.,” explained Ms. Regalado. “I give special attention to details and our beadworks are fabulous. My fabrics are often hard to come by at stores.”

Uniqueness and workmanship placed Kirsten’s Designs on the fashion map. “We are best known here in Miami for our advocacy for Filipiniana creations and modern inspired ethnic creations,” she pointed out. “We reinvented our Filipiniana gowns. It is a must have gown that lets you have it in four ways. As a long formal gown with Filipiniana butterfly sleeves, a modern Maria Clara gown, Bolero gown and a wrap around shawl. Our Filipiniana gowns are glamorous, luxurious and rich in color.”

Acknowledging her roots and heritage, Ms. Regalado continue to connect with the Filipino American community. “My recent show was at the Broward Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale, in support of the Philippine American Cultural Foundation of South Florida under the leadership of Mr. Edwin Dominado. I enjoyed doing the show.”

For aspiring models, Ms. Regalado shares her advice: “There are many types of modeling. You may not fit the requirements for glamour modeling or ramp modeling, but you may have the qualities for commercial modeling.”

“There are many attributes of a successful model. These include self confidence, learning ability, intelligence, good time management, healthy body, be yourself, and vice free.”

“I always want to have fun and fashion is fun, and I love what I do. For those who dream to be a model, follow your passion. Learn from experienced models.”

It is no surprise that Ms. Regalado’s nurturing words come naturally. She has been involved in projects that helps communities and the indigent and gotten donors to help. “Durante Perrie donated two car loads of shoes for my indigence projects with The Auxiliary to the Philippine Medical Association,” she said.

The Bacolod City beauty is as Filipina as any Filipina can be. She favors “Inihaw na Bangus” (broiled milkfish) and enjoys the latest pop music. Typically you’ll see her in a more formal attire, but when she goes casual, matching shirt and jeans with a good set of platforms and accessories.

To keep fit she indulges in martial arts (Gentlemen, take note). “I exercise regularly for 20 to 30 minutes with my personal instructor, Sensei Jorge Angulo of Tenshin Dojo Miami during afternoons.” And, if that wasn’t tough enough, she attends Aikido classes too.

Having a great and loving family are those that count most in Ms. Regalado’s life. “I love what I do, I love to make people happy. The ability to inspire others and make people get involved is wonderful.”

In the world of couture and glamour Ms. Regalado found success in being happy in life and at the same time being able to help the needy -- which for Kirsten, is the most beautiful part of it all. (Filamnewsdigest)


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